Consume Your Content Legally

It’s 2019 and it is high time we put an end to torrents and other illegal ways of consuming content. Right from music to shows and movies. Even when it comes to games. Piracy is a not only a crime but it is also a blow in the face to all the artists and every person involved in any way in the project.

This is something I myself have started following since the past two to three years. The main reason for me to start this practise was to promote good quality content. If we as consumers pay for the music we listen to, films and shows we watch, and also the games on our PC or gaming console, it will promote and encourage artists and such to make good content for us. Since there will be a demand for it. Say for example, people will watch a show like Game of Thrones, which has good quality content, through torrents but buy a movie ticket for a commercial and poor quality Hindi film which they don’t even end up liking. It just sends a wrong message. It means they are willing to pay for something and watch it for 2-3 hours which they might not end up liking but will download 10 hours worth of a show illegally. I don’t mean they should watch the Hindi film through torrents but they should watch everything legally, then decide what they want to contribute to, and hence indirectly demand for similar and good quality content from the industry for which they are willing to pay.

In today’s day and age, all sorts of entertainment is available at your fingertips which can be consumed legally. Gone are the days when everyone had to wait for months till a show had to be finished airing in the US so it can be aired elsewhere in the world. With the rise in streaming platforms, majority of which are quite reasonably priced, almost all shows and movies are available throughout the world at the same time. As far as music is concerned, there are various streaming platforms which follow the freemium model to promote this practise. Even games are available as a downloadable software instead of having a physical CD. Convenience is not an issue anymore to avoid this practise.

Finally the artists and anyone and everyone who has put in their time, effort, and money into making that piece of entertainment for you, deserves to be paid. Piracy can destroy an artist’s career. It has to be seen as a long term benefit. If we pay for a movie or an album today, that we like, there will be more for us in the future.

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